Military Families

Active Duty

The Hire Target™ offers counseling support to help active duty personnel choose the right career path moving forward, whether continuing with military service or transitioning into the private sector.

This support ensures they have all the facts before making the transition to civilian life, and have a good game plan in place.









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Veterans / Spouses

After completing their time in the service, transitioning to the civilian world of work is filled with unique challenges for military personnel. Translating military experience into the language of civilian employers on powerful resumes and cover letters is just not enough. Applying with the best resume in the world, along with the greatest cover letter ever written, is no longer an effective strategy for job search success in today's new economy.

The Hire Target™ teaches honorably discharged veterans a proactive, strategic approach to job search that will help shorten their time in transition. In addition, spouses and family members of veterans who are seeking employment will benefit from the innovative tools, strategies and techniques taught by our methodology.

College Students from Military Families

College graduates from honorably discharged military families have special skills in comparison to the "average civilian" student. Most civilian families have no comprehension of the sacrifices the parents of these graduates have made. Long periods without a mom or dad have put tremendous stress on both the graduate and the parents who have to cope with all the issues facing today's families. Now, as they finish college and seek to enter the real world of work, these graduates will discover that they can't rely on a strong resume and cover letter to get them in the door. After tweaking it to death they may think their resume is now one in a million, and they're right! It is one of millions. And they can't rely on Internet job boards to find the right job.

The Hire Targetâ„¢ methodology for college graduates focuses on differentiation as the key to success, introducing innovative tools and strategies that will help them quickly transition from recent college graduate to working professional.


on-site seminars

The Hire Target™ offers a variety of workshops customized for content and budgetary considerations. Focused on defining and broadcasting the job seeker's value to the business community, these workshops teach a strategic approach to job search which goes beyond traditional resumes, cover letters, networking, and interviewing.


Consulting Services

Many support groups focus on helping military personnel and their families meet the significant challenges of finding employment. However, the job search techniques they teach are traditional, outdated, and for the most part ineffective.

Things have changed, times have changed, and times are tough. Competition for every job is incredibly fierce and effects of our economic decline continue to be felt in the job market. No longer are powerful resumes, knock 'em dead cover letters, and interviewing skills enough.

As time moves forward and businesses slowly recover, it's essential that job seekers, military or civilian, implement a strategic approach to finding employment.

The Hire Target™ offers consulting services to a variety of military family and veteran support groups and organizations, including corporations, colleges, and universities. Our job search methodology is recognized as unique and we are proud to partner with those who share our passion for helping our military personnel and their families in their search for employment.